The bridge between strategy

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® 2020 PRISMA Brand Studio LISBON, PORTUGAL.

and creativity.


We are a small

design studio.

We exist to empower

brand communication.

It's a process of differentiation, to find distinctiveness, relevance, memorability, and depth of meaning.

By walking through the bridge between strategy and creativity you can turn

a commodity product into a premium business.

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A combination of logic and magic.

Aesthetics is so powerful that it can turn a commodity into a premium brand.

A symbol, typography, iconography, color system, and more, all align with your brand strategy. A visual documentation to empower your communication in any platform.

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Web development is like building a house. Project and execution will lead you to a successful encounter with your customer. It can be an Online Store, a Showcase, or a Blog. You will need a stunning design, look amazing on every screen, and a solid SEO.



The most powerful and engaging media nowadays. Promotional or educational. A motion manifesto, a video anthem, video tutorials, online courses, and digital products.

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Fuzzy goals equal fuzzy results, clear goals equal to clear results. Digital marketing nowadays needs a simple and effective communication. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, youtube. Each one requires a specific approach to get the best out of it.